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Orikal Uno & Try D – What Ya Know

Big Strut, King Tut, Drink Up, Properly freakin’, trapped midgets in trunks, immaculance…

Try-D hit me up. We went and bought some new threads, ate some Pineda’s, then came back and did this track. We hope you enjoy it. Beat by Shells.

Orikal Uno- Superdope feat. Cherrelle

coke n’ rum, gold chains, bling in the watch, low supreme kicks, inflated egos, makin’ girls shake they belly chains…

musical superdope for ya eardrums. a product of 2 1/2 days of pure grind in chi-town. that’s cherrelle blissfully harmonizing in the background. and that’s shells on the redonkulous beat.

Orikal Uno & Ganzobean ft. Sab – Born 2 Hustle

Orikal Uno & Ganzobean (Graff Roots) link up with Minnesota legend Musab (Rhymesayers) on the track “Born 2 Hustle” from the upcoming album by Orikal and & Ganzobean

Orikal Uno- Rhymes, Crimes & Good Times EP


Straight from the depths of Orikal Uno’s emotions, fears, thoughts and triumphs stands Rhymes, Crimes & Good Times, a short collection of songs 100% produced and written by Orikal Uno.
Dead in the center of a world filled with struggle, hustle, short-comings and lost hopes, Orikal Uno let his pen capture his current location in his life.
The mood is of a frozen Minnesota-late-October midnight, dark, cold and gritty. The lyrics are raw and the subjects are honest. Considered some of Orikal Uno’s most personal lyrics to date.


1): Rhymes, Crimes & Good Times
2): Back Down
3): Injection
4): Perpetual (ft. DJ Ganzobean)
5): Friendly Fire
6): Paint Fumes